We Are Grateful for Our Volunteers

Volunteers are Priceless!

Volunteers are Priceless!

The Seaside Institute™ would like to THANK all our volunteers who help make us successful; from our Board Members to our individual helpers. We could not do what we do without YOU!

The Month of April is a time many organizations across the country to honor volunteers and recognize the irreplaceable impact of their time and energy all year round.

If you see or know someone who volunteers their time to a nonprofit, please take a moment to say THANK YOU for what they do. The gift of time is precious to a nonprofit and often makes the difference between success and failure; especially for small staff organizations.

Currently, 63 million Americans volunteer about 8 billion hours of their time and talent to improve people’s lives and the natural world. With the value of volunteer time, these Americans have an impact with an approximate value of $197.5 billion to nonprofits and the nation.

The Seaside Institute would like to say a special THANK YOU to the following volunteers:

Joe Burgoyne, Linda Cook, Tony Cook,

Bryan Freeman, Cheryl Leitgeb, Sarah Thayer

Tag them and us on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and just say Thank You for your gift of time and talent.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer let us know. click YES

A report released by the Independent Sector on April 19, 2018 shows a volunteer hour is estimated at $24.69 from data collected in 2017, demonstrating the incredible contributions volunteers make to our communities and our country