Thank You for Participating in Our Survey!

The Seaside Institute would like to thank everyone who participated in our Members Survey. Every survey is an important tool to help us know what you, the members, would like to see in the future.

Our most recent survey asked you, our members, about your thoughts on Programming and Member Benefits. The answers and results were very insightful, and we thank you for your input!  Your answers help us understand your priorities in programming and member benefits.  The results are in and below is a summary of the top three in each category.


1.     81% of participants would like to see quarterly programming.

This is a goal of our new programming format.  Quarterly symposiums that will cover the topics that affect the 30A corridor, and have a regional impact.  

2.     Programming topics all ranked with a very small margin differential. Out of a total score of 5 for each topic; Health came in first with a 3.33, Transportation a close second with a 3.25 and Sustainability-third place with a 3.04.   

As we plan our 2020 programming we do intend to have another Health focused program, in mid to late April-2020.  In conjunction wit Walton County, a transportation summit and charrette are being planned as we speak; Sustainability will now be added into our plans… so stay tuned.

3.     The results on Program Structures is less clear, with the choice of “other” ranking the highest-at 3.8 out of 5.  However, Interactive sessions in workshops and lectures do show significant support with a 2.91 of the 5 point ranking.

Our goal is to create interesting and exciting programs with speakers, topics and formats that our members, professionals, enthusiasts and students will find engaging.  Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas, as well as any recommended speakers you may know.  We welcome your input.

Membership Benefits

Member benefits are always a hard balance to manage. We want to be sure you are engaged with the Institute through your membership and for you to know how grateful we are for your support.   Your survey answers have told us the following:

1.     You like to be known!  The Number one member benefit you prefer is your name on our Website!  This came in with 5.55 out of 8 points.

To see your name listed you can go to the Seaside Institute Website in the About Tab you will see the Members link, You are there!  Please let us know of any errors you may find.  We want to be accurate. Or you can click HERE and go directly to the page.

We have added a second page to recognize members with longevity and continuity. Our member program is only 3 years old and we will show special recognition for our longest and continuous members!  Stay tuned for this year’s Members Only Party. Click HERE to see the list.

2.     Members Only Access is the second most important benefit that was identified scoring 4.29 out of 8.

As we integrate our new Members database, our Members Only Access page is seeing positive changes. Soon we will have videos and resources for you to access and connect to.  We will continue to add advantages to the Members Only Access including select speaker receptions in 2020.

3.     The Member’s Newsletter came in a high 3rd with 4.18 out of 8.

We’ve changed the look, and are now working on improving the content and information we provide; Topics that are important to you, relevant to our cause, and have an impact regionally as well as nationally.

We also want to hear from you, your stories about Seaside, the Institute and your passion for our mission.  Please feel free to contact us and submit content for the newsletter.  We will add a section “From Our Members” and will select at least one submission per Newsletter to include. We want to maintain a positive and productive tone, so please keep that in mind when you submit.

To send your submissions please go to: and insert your text (250 words maximum) in the message box. Include your name and contact information so we can reach out with questions. If you have photos, please let us know.

As always, we appreciate your support and hope to hear from more of our members in future surveys.