Richard A Hall, P.E .

Richard A Hall, P.E.

Rick is President of Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc. (HPE), with 22 year of experience. Rick is registered as a transportation engineer in 22 states. His work covers multiple transportation practice areas. Rick’s goal is to improve Mobility for all travelers; pedestrian, bike, transit and auto. Planning & Preliminary Engineering is his focus'; with Street design, community plans, sector plans and corridor studies as key emphasis areas. His firm routinely performs traffic engineering analysis and engages public participation.


The Panama City Example

In the Fall of 2018, Michael changed Panama City forever. To answer the question how do we rebuild, New Urbanism was considered and accepted as one solution. Fortunately, FDOT had established a Complete Streets Initiative earlier that year requiring that local Context inform street and highway design for state facilities. Soon thereafter, a key change in the AASHTO Greenbook, published in Fall 2018, also stated the importance of Context awareness in the design of Complete Streets. Five context areas are thoroughly described, from rural to urban core, setting the stage for long awaited design focus on walkable, mixed use towns and cities. 

This session covers the application of Context Classification areas in Downtown Panama City after the Comprehensive Plan emerged from extensive community participation. Street design elements are compatible with urban character and will support development of compact urban places. Planning, engineering and architecture professionals helped guide this metamorphosis toward greater walkability and sustainability and economic success.