At the Seaside Institute, we believe in promoting and creating livable spaces through Innovation, Education, Engagement and Design.

 Our mission is to help people create great communities.

Through strategically designed educational programs and symposia, the Institute works to create a future that reconnects neighbors and families, schools and merchants, children and adults.  Our core pillars:  Education, Innovation, Arts, and Engagement work in tandem to instill an understanding of New Urban communities and Traditional Neighborhood Development in new generations of architects, future residents, and community leaders.  The goal is to return to our neighborhoods a connectivity that is missing in our culture today. 

Our programs are available to all including Institute members, enthusiasts, and students of Architecture as well as developers, thought and community leaders, planning experts and more.   

Walkable, Sustainable and Connected Communities are the future for a quality lifestyle. From growing families to those who are now enjoying life doing what they love best, the Seaside Institute is changing the paradigm of everyday living.  We invite you to be part of this future.