Our Membership program is nearing 3 years since its inception. The Seaside Institute is grateful for your support and would like to recognize those who have been continuous* members since the beginning. Your dedication to our mission is noticed and greatly appreciated. As of July 1, 2019, the following have been continuous* members of the Seaside Institute for Two years or more.

Are you a long time member? Watch for your name in our next Newsletter!


Member Since Years

Nicole Anderson 10/15/2016 2.7 Martha Slaughter 10/20/2016 2.7 Bert & Sue Trucksess 11/16/2016 2.6 Mary Brown 11/17/2016 2.6 Don Cooper 12/09/2016 2.6 Brian Montague 12/14/2016 2.6 Sue Kullen 01/27/2017 2.4 Glenn Seawell 03/01/2017 2.4 Ryia & Mark Peterson 03/24/2017 2.3

*Continuous members are those with no lapses or gaps in membership status.