Welcome to our newest Members!

Patrick Connoly


Corporate Sponsors - $10,000 Level

Proffitt PR

South Walton Partners - $5,000 Level

John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Benefactors - $2,500+ Level

Calthorpe Associates

Advocates - $1,000 Level

Andrea and Richard Catania
Marsha and David Dowler Ray and Marilyn Gindroz
Dave and Carol Rauschkolb

Patrons - $500 Level

Michael Baron Doris Goldstein Ryia Peterson
Bert and Sue Trucksess

Donors - $250 Level

Lowell Christy Linda Clark
Charles Clary
Lupe and Tom Eichelberger
Rick and Jan Helfand
Susan Henderson
Cynthia Stenberg
Joyce and Rod Wilson

Dual Members - $150 Level

Ronnie Dean
Kenneth and Debra DeLor
Kathryn and Larry Fraser Doug and Alecia Foltz William and Kristen Freeman
Rick and Helen Gordon
Laura Heery
Stefan and Daysi Johansson Steve and Sue Kullen
John and Denise Lebowitz
Don and Marianna Long
John and Connie McGinty
Bonnie and Don Miller Brenda Neil
Daniel Smith
Frank Stein
William Sudderth Tom Swiley
Diane and Ron VanOeveren Laurie Volk Todd Zimmerman

Individual Members - $100 Level

Nicole Anderson
Pat Bagby
David Bagby
David Bailey
Nancy Baker
Claire Bannerman
Joel Blackstock
Cynthia Bledsoe
Douglas Bock
Kay Brief
Mary Brown
Scott Bruns
Tony Catanese
Chris Chadwick Robert Chapman
Ed Cloos, Jr Thomas Comitta Patrick Connoly
Don Cooper
Robert Dalhoff Daryl Davis Larry Davis Robert Davis
David Everett
Richard Fouquet
Marc Gazda
Thomas Lee Goodson
Larry Gould
Frank Greene
Stacy Hamilton
Rebecca Hart Reynolds Henderson
Karen Holland
Gregory Hoss Anne Hunter
Gary Justiss
Marienne Khoury-Vogt
Kevin Klinkenberg
Sue Kullen Victoria Lee
Cheryl Liles
Helen Liles Anna Lowder
Denise Mack
Joshua Martin Ben McLeod Allara Mills-Gutcher
Stan Mitchell
Brian Montague
Barbara Morano
Geoffrey Mouen
Nathan Norris
Rob Parker
Jennifer Pawlik
Andrea Plunk
Matthew Poe Stephen Poulakos
Cammy Price
Chimene Puska
William Rawn
James Rester
Mark Schnell
Glenn Seawell
Martha Slaughter
Olga Sokolova
Lauren Sommerville
Elizabeth Stanton Quint Studer
Tom Swiley
David Tomes
Edward Toole
Craig Ustler
Christian Wagley
Mike Watkins
Woods Weathersby
David West Mark Wey David Withers
Mary Zahner
Ed Zelenak
Todd Zimmerman