Leon Krier

Leon Krier, Seaside Fellow  1996 Seaside Prize Winner

Leon Krier, Seaside Fellow

1996 Seaside Prize Winner

Léon Krier was born in Luxembourg in 1946. He studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart for two terms. Between 1968 and 1974 he collaborated with James Stirling in London.

Krier taught architecture and urbanism in London at the Architectural Association from 1974 to 1976 and at the Royal College of Arts in 1977. In the United States he taught at Princeton University; as Jefferson Professor at the University of Virginia; as Davenport Professor at Yale University; and with Andrés Duany as the Saarinen Professor at Yale University.

He has worked extensively in Europe and North America, including projects in Guatemala, Romania, the United States, England, Belgium, Italy and France. He serves as personal adviser to the Prince of Wales for whom he designed the master plan for the development of Poundbury in Dorset County, England, and Chapeltown development in Newquay Cornwall. He is a founding trustee of the New School for Traditional Architecture & Urbanismin Charleston, S.C., and is art director and designer for furniture designer Giorgetti, Italy, since 1990. 

His awards include the Berlin Prize for Architecture in 1987; the Jefferson Memorial Medal in 1985; the Chicago AIA Award in 1987; the Silver Medal of Academie Française in 1998; European Culture Prize in 1995; the Driehaus Prize in 2003; and the Congress for the New Urbanism Athena Award in 2006.

Exhibitions of his work have been held throughout the world including a personal show at the Museum of Modern art in New York in 1985. He has published extensively, including such books as Architecture and Urban Design 1967-1992, Architecture: Choice or Fate, and a recently expanded American edition, The Architecture of Community.

Krier now resides in the south of France. He is the younger brother of architect Rob Krier.