Jason Roberts, Founding Director                Better Block

Jason Roberts, Founding Director Better Block

Jason Roberts is an artist, civic activist, and urban designer whose life's work has been dedicated to the creation of healthy, vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods. In 2010, Jason organized a series of "Better Block" projects; resulting in a successful open-sourced international movement.

In addition to his Ted Talk fame, Jason has received a Champions of Change award from the US White House, showcased in the 2012 Venice Biennale, and was listed in Planetizen's Top 100 Most Influential Urbanists. 

Mobilizing & Revitalizing Communities

Jason Roberts is the founding director of the Better Block, and in 2017 was voted as one of the top 100 most influential urbanists in the world by Planetizen.com. His presentation will highlight his early work in revitalizing a historic movie theatre, returning a neighborhood streetcar system, and creating the Better Block project, which started as a guerrilla arts initiative where neighbors took a blighted commercial city block, and rapidly retrofitted it by painting their own bike lanes, installing cafe seating, planting trees, and developing pop-up businesses. The work has become an open-sourced international movement that occurs from Melbourne, Australia to Tehran, Iran. Jason will talk about his early inspiration, how he mobilized a community, and what the work has led to today.