Daniel Slone


Dan Slone, partner in and co-founder of Vertical Vision PLC, is an attorney based in Richmond, Virginia who assists innovative clients in designing and implementing their projects.  He helps them create the right entities, put together the appropriate strategies, overcome impediments and put together effective contracts for the new types of relationships they create.

Before founding his firm, Dan was with McGuireWoods for 35 years.  Dan began working on New Urban projects in 1988.  From the beginning he combined the New Urban development focus on pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use, beautiful place-making with sustainable development principles.  He has worked on dozens of projects and communities around the country and overseas.  He has created new ordinances and comprehensive plans to remove the impediments to great communities.  Dan has rezoned thousands of acres using Form-Based Codes, TND codes and conventional Euclidian codes.  He has helped put in place governance approaches especially designed for mixed-use projects with design codes in dozens of states and overseas.  He has integrated advanced sustainability programs into major projects and helped them create unique utility services.

Dan has been the lead or one of the team members on numerous projects for large and small local governments.  For many years he was the primary instructor for “the legal aspects” of the smart Code and Form-Based Codes in general.  He helped author the first handbook for use of the Smart Code.  Dan has been on three teams that won the Charter Awards – the highest award given by the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Dan has been on the boards of, or represented, most of the organizations involved in New Urbanism.  He has been on the boards of the Congress for the New Urbanism, the Form-Based Codes Institute, the National Charrette Institute, the Transect Codes Council, the Seaside Institute, the Sky Institute and the New Urban Guild.  He helped create and, for several years represented, the National Town Builders Association.

Dan has spoken nationally on many issues related to New Urbanism and written numerous articles, especially on the subject of removing barriers to NU projects.  He has written chapters in several books about New Urbanism and placemaking, and he was the co-author of A Legal Guide to Urban and Sustainable Developmentpublished by John Wiley & Sons.