The Seaside Prize

Building a town requires plans, approvals, materials and great design. Creating a great community requires vision, the expertise of architects, engineers, planner and more; all working together to create something that will not only house families, but, improve their quality of life. The key characteristic of a great community is that it involves both form and function; balancing beauty with convenience; safety and function; inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

As we move through our daily lives, we notice how appealing a community is as we pass by.  Over time, as we live and work in a community, over time, the things that drew us to live there, become ingrained in our existence. They quietly shape who we are and how we live. 

2020 celebrates The 28th Annual Seaside Prize.  Each year this event recognizes individuals and organizations who through design, have changed the way we live. Prize winners are thought innovators in concepts, quality, and character of their industry and considered leaders of Contemporary Urban Development and Education, who have made their vision a reality; and ultimately our lives better.  

Recipients of the “Prize” influence how towns and cities are built. They challenge our thinking about promoting diversity, walk ability, sustainability, livability and quality of life. From young to old, Where we live is at the core of How we live.

At the Seaside Prize, visionaries convene in Seaside Florida to honor the best of the best in their field.  Attendees enjoy a weekend of Symposium, Continuing Education Courses, and Receptions and more; culminating in the Awards Dinner on Saturday Evening.

Join Us for a weekend of fun, food and design, as we celebrate visionaries and thought leaders who help to shape our lives through the communities they design.

The Seaside Institute is pleased to Honor

Michael N Lykoudis, FAIA- as our 2020 Seaside Prize Recipient

He has left his indelible mark on the world. His work will be honored March 6-8 at the 2020 Seaside Prize. To register or sponsor just click the buttons below.