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Building Communities with Music Conference


Building Communities With Music Conference




Léon Krier, urban planner
David M. Schwarz, architect
Duncan Stroik, architect
Andrew Balio, orchestral musician

This will be a gathering at the crossroads of urban planning, architecture, and music to discuss the ways that music and architecture relate to community and to each other – and what that should mean both to orchestras and to community leaders and planners.

Conversation will focus on:

•  The role of live classical music in our communities,

•  The vision of a new renaissance for classical music,

•  What classical music needs to learn from New Urbanism

    and its successful renewal of urban community,

•  Considerations for the concert halls of the 21st century,

•  The quiet revolution in concert hall design, and

•  The next generation of concert hall architects, featuring the work of students in Duncan Stroik’s Notre Dame studio

Plan to join us for a well-deserved spring break in Seaside, Florida, described by Time magazine as “the most astonishing design achievement of its era and, one might hope, the most influential.” Seaside itself – and nearby Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach – will be an important part of our discussion, and we will leave you ample time to explore and be inspired.

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