Seaside Homeowner's Weekend

Seaside Homeowner's Weekend - Address to the Seaside Town Council Annual Membership Meeting - October 15, 2016

The Seaside Institute helps people lead interesting rewarding lives. Our mission, unchanged since 1982, is to help people create great communities. One of our first priorities is to build a bridge between the homeowners and the Institute and create a great future together. Please feel free to stop by the Institute and share your ideas about working together and strengthening our bond.

Our mission, unchanged since 1982, is to help people create great communities. We do that in four ways. First, as a strong voice of our extended community. Second, by bringing arts and culture to our community. Third; by recognizing, teaching, and promoting New Urbanism. And fourth, by globalizing world changing strategies like mobility, sustainability, and aging with grace.

We are a strong voice of our community. We hold a monthly community meeting - our Let’s Talk series - to present solutions for and to discuss mobility, sustainability, and aging with grace. Our October meeting covered mobility. Our November meeting will cover sustainability. Our December meeting will focus on aging with grace. We are committed to making the Institute - located in the civic heart of Seaside - a center of discourse, a focal point for civic debate - for our extended community. Whether it is something benign like a book club discussion or an in-depth debate of recycling in Walton County, the Institute is a safe place for open and honest discussion and debate on topics that are important to us all.

We bring arts and culture to our community, focusing on events that play to the unique strengths of the Institute: boutique artists and performers suited to intimate venues. In early 2017, we will present Andrew Balio, Sir Roger Scruton, and Léon Krier for a classical music event. In late 2017, we will present Bonev Boyan and his troupe for a chamber music festival. Throughout the year, we will continue to present writing, drawing, painting, and photography workshops at the Academic Village.

We recognize, teach, and promote New Urbanism. We recognize New Urbanism by awarding the Seaside Prize each year to people who have made significant contributions to the quality and the character of our communities. We teach New Urbanism through our Future of New Urbanism symposia, held at the Academic Village. We promote New Urbanism with an annual travel seminar. This year’s seminar was in New Orleans, and we are currently planning the 2017 event. Stay tuned for more details.

Finally, we globalize world-changing strategies like mobility, sustainability, and aging with grace. The 30A Alliance Mobility Project aims to fix the traffic, congestion, parking, and safety issues on Scenic Highway 30A. Working with our partners - IBM, Cisco, Local Motors, the International Transportation Innovation Center, AT&T, BMW, and, of course, Walton County - we have a complete vision and will launch the next phase of the project soon.  We kick off the 30A Alliance Sustainability Project next month with a lecture by Christian Wagley, a noted environmental town planner, on Green Urbanism. The 30A Alliance Aging with Grace Project has a defined vision - to help people enjoy their last ten years in their home, rather than in THE home - and we are assembling a team to move the project from vision to execution.

Thank you for your time today. If you want more information on the Institute, please feel free to stop by our office any time. We look forward to working together for the good of Seaside, 30A, our extended community, and the world.