Joseph Barnes


Joseph Barnes is Director, Real Estate Development, Design for MWV Community Development and Land Management Group based in Summerville, SC. In this role, Mr. Barnes is primarily responsible for the design and sustainability of MWV’s real estate and community development initiatives within the South Carolina region. Prior to that, Barnes worked as manager for some of the most successful new urban communities. He got his start at The Walt Disney Company where his was part of the original development team for the Town of Celebration, a 5,000-acre new town, and served as Celebration’s the first Town Architect.  After his tenure at Celebration, Barnes moved to Mount Pleasant, SC to become the General Manager for The I’On Company.  In this role, he was in charge of all design and development issues related building I’On, a 243-acre mixed-use village.  After four years at I’On, Barnes moved to Norfolk, Va., where he served as general manager for the East Beach Company, which is the founder and developer of East Beach, a 100-acre, public/private redevelopment initiative with the city of Norfolk and Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority Development. In 2005, Barnes became principal at Celebration Associates and development principal of Bundoran Farm, a 2,300-acre preservation development in Albemarle County, Va., where he was in charge of implementing the design vision for Homestead Preserve, an 11,500-acre, conservation-based development in Bath County, Va. He has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame in its School of Architecture.