Hurricane Michael Relief Fund

Hurricane Michael Relief Fund


hURRICANE Michael Relief Fund

Sunday, October 14, 2018



The Seaside Institute has created a Hurricane Relief fund to help those who have suffered loss due to Hurricane Michael. ALL money raised through this fund (minus any bank processing fees) will be routed to those in the panhandle who have been affected.

The mission of the Seaside Institute is to “Help People Create Great Communities”. Bringing people together to support our neighbors is one small way in which we fulfill our mission.

We ask you to give what you can give. $1 or $10,000, all donations add together to help your neighbor. To support victims of Michael through the Seaside Institute Hurricane Relief Fund Donate Here. or You may mail a donation to:

The Seaside Institute
Attention: Hurricane Relief Fund
PO BOX 4875
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Our Thoughts

In a world where differences between us cause discord, and division, we have now been reminded that the hype we see on the news is not the true core of who we are as Americans. On my return to my new home in Santa Rosa Beach, I was awestruck by a number of things as I drove on I-10.

Since October 10, we have seen convoys and service vans from all around the U.S.; Power companies, Tree Companies, National Guard, Salvation Army, Individuals and more working their way into the Panhandle to help those who have lost much. The flood of help making its way to the panhandle of Florida is impressive. People who would otherwise be safely in their home, with family and friends, working their way to help people they don’t know, and may never meet-regain some sense of normalcy after this devastating event. If anyone ever doubted the American spirit, an event such as this shows the world who Americans really are at our core. We are resilient, giving, caring, steadfast and determined.

THANK YOU to all who are here to help those most affected by the storm. Many of us are feeling the great weight of the storm aftermath and may wonder HOW will we ever recover? The generosity and hard work of genuine people who are giving of themselves and time will heal us all.

Although it will take time and the challenges are great, the silver lining to this historic event is Mexico Beach, Panama City, and the smaller outlying communities that have been devastated by Michael, have the opportunity to rebuild in a new and forward-thinking way.

We have the opportunity to not only rebuild but to reinvent ourselves. Now is the time to decide what type of community we want to be as we move forward. There will be jobs to help rebuild, new buildings, new roads, updated services, and a revitalization that will demonstrate the resiliency of a community shaken, but not broken.

Michael has reminded us that we are one community, brothers and sisters all. Those who suffer loss, we suffer with you, those who have survived, we celebrate with you.

May God Bless you and help you to keep your faith.

Beth Carr
Executive Director
Seaside Institute